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New technology reduces particle emissions -
bioltec presents worldwide first system for Ethanol in
standard Diesel Engines

Using a new technology the company bioltec has succeeded in
significantly reducing particulate emissions from heavy commercial vehicles. The results are confirmed by tests conducted by MAN’s engine development in Nuremberg, Germany. The key for its success
is a controlled supply of the engine with variable diesel-ethanol mixtures through the bioltec system. The bioltec system is the worldwide first to enable the use of ethanol as fuel
for Standard Diesel engines. bioltec will present the new technology at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover, Germany from September 25, 2008 until October 5, 2008 in Hall 25, Booth D54. bioltec makes ethanol usable in standard Diesel engines With the application of the renewable fuel ethanol, bioltec has broken new ground in
decreasing emissions from commercial vehicles. So far, the positive effects of using ethanol with regard to the environment and emissions were limited to flexible fuel vehicles running on standard gasoline engines. Using ethanol as a fuel for diesel engines, however, used to
only be possible once substantial modifications to the engine had been made. Costly special
fuels were needed, that were not widely available nor legally approved.
The newly developed bioltec technologies have made it possible, for the first time, to use
ethanol as a fuel for standard diesel engines and thus enabled its use in a multitude of heavy
commercial vehicles including trucks and buses.
the key is variable fuel management, not adapted engines or special fuels
The bioltec technology is based on variable fuel management and a two-tank system: for
each operational state of the engine the optimal fuel mixture of diesel and ethanol is
determined and then generated while the engine is in operation. Additives (as for ignition
improving) are not employed. This guarantees a maximum decrease of emissions and the
most efficient use of fuel possible. The engine remains in its standard production condition
and does not need to be modified. The bioltec technology thus provides maximum
operating safety and universal usability.
tests by MAN confirm drastic reduction of emissions
Benchtests conducted by MAN‘s engine development in Nurnberg during a feasibility
evaluation show a drastic reduction of emissions when using bioltec’s ethanol technology.
The results of the standardized 13-mode ESC test showed that the important particulate
matter emissions (FSN – filter smoke number) from a EUR0 4 engine were reduced to meet
the EUR0 6 standard intended for implementation in 2012. Particularly positive results
were achieved in connection with so-called common rail engines.
bioltec already has set up an overall solution for practical use
The bioltec technology enables the utilization of ethanol, butanol, methanol, or E85.
Internal tests conducted by bioltec even document biodiesel being compatible for use with
bioethanol. This allows for local production and fuel supply with the best CO2 neutrality
possible in the respective markets. Furthermore, all options to reduce emissions are used
best – up to the point of 100% CO2 neutrality when biodiesel / ethanol is used.
The bioltec concept is not dependent on expensive special fuels but builds on the already
existing supply infrastructure for E85 in Europe. E85 fuel (85% ethanol, 15% gasoline) is
widely available throughout Europe and tax exempt until 2015 due to its positive
environmental effects.

bioltec technology combines cost reduction and ecology
In addition to reducing emissions, the bioltec ethanol technology also makes it possible to
use cheaper fuel alternatives to mineral diesel. Therefore, there are not only positive
ecological results, but there are sustainable financial advantages in the respective markets
as well.
The technology is particularly promising for environmentally sensible application areas,
such as public transportation, waste management enterprises, agricultural and forestry
machines, airports or mining equipment, but also for truck companies with high
sustainability needs.
ethanol field test commences – market leading partners participate
Test vehicles from well known commercial vehicle brands have already been equipped with
the bioltec system and are tested in practical use.
Continuous-operation tests and field tests in different sectors of application have begun in
Germany. Well known partners from the airport, traffic, mining, transportation, and public
transportation sectors have already agreed to test the new technology, and the first vehicles
are running. The technology is also being applied abroad, with uses in block heat and power
plants as well as other uses.
With its ethanol technology, bioltec has opened up the diesel sector for the most important
renewable fuel worldwide and contributes to economic and ecological sustainability.

About bioltec
The bioltec evolv-ram GmbH is internationally leading in the field of fuel management
systems enabling the operation of commercial vehicles with alternative fuels.
bioltec entered the market in 2004 and received an innovation award for its fuel
management technology from a jury composed of six independent logistics journals in
2006. Since it started distribution more than 3000 automobiles have been equipped with
bioltec technology in Germany alone. bioltec is the only producer that meets the EURO
5 emission standard for cars, provides full compatibility with NOx sensors and provides
the only neutral expert report on the reduction of mutagenicy of emissions.
Its customers include operators of large commercial vehicle fleets such as the Deutsche
Post, Munich Airport and large transport companies, as well as construction companies
and agricultural business. bioltec cooperates with well-known trucking companies and
engine producers in various research and development projects and is their general
Internationally, bioltec is active in Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, the United Kingdom,
the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Spain, and the Czech Republic, as well as Brazil.
Every year the customers of bioltec use around 150 million liters of regenerative fuel
(including: refined waste oil, animal fats, plant based fuels) and thus disburden the
atmosphere of approximately 400 million kg CO2-emmissions every year.

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