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bioltec®-technology provides the maximum synergy of fuel efficiency management:
  •     cost savings and local production of energy (economic efficiency)
  •     emission-reduction and CO2-neutrality (ecological efficiency)
  •     reliability (technical efficiency)
  •     all kinds of Diesel-engines
  •     all kinds of alternative and regenerative fuels
  •     all kinds of applications

bioltec offers complete solutions for operating commercial vehicle fleets with alternative and regenerative fuels:
  •     fuel-supply by bioltec-partners 
  •     bioltec-partner network
  •     motor guarantee
  •     consulting and services
  •     engineering

The technical benefits from bioltec®-technology in detail:

Universal applications without the usual "plant oil limitations" Covers the full range of applications for modern diesel-operated commercial vehicles, from long-haul service to stop-and-go operation. bioltec® eliminates the restrictions of current retrofit kits. The system is fully biodiesel-compatible, so that you can use the fuel best suited to any given situation.

Dual-tank technology for safe operation even in cold weather
It goes without saying that bioltec® provides dual tank technology. Diesel fuel is always supplied in
pure form without mixing, thereby ensuring safe vehicle operation under all conceivable conditions.
As a result, bioltec® can be used without restrictions even in cold weather, eliminating the need for an auxiliary diesel supply. In the wintertime, bioltec® saves money in situations where other systems have to rely on diesel.

Variable bioltec® fuel management: More than just light-load switching
Load-dependent fuel regulation has always been an integral part of bioltec® technology. But we don''''t stop there. Our unique, award-winning variable bioltec® fuel management system automatically supplies the right fuel mixture to the engine in all operating states. This avoids damage to the engine, increases fuel efficiency and improves emissions without any expensive cleansing additives or special-purpose fuels.

bioltec® motor oil management maintains the lubricity of your motor oil
The bioltec® motor oil management system minimizes fuel entrainment in motor oil. As a result, it
improves lubricity, increases the intervals between oil changes, enhances reliability and saves money.

Lower emissions: compliance with EURO5 and NOx-sensors
CO2-neutral emissions, eco-friendly fuels: bioltec® lets you use the full potential of your fuel. The system complies with the strictest emission standards (including EURO5), ensures problem-free operation with NOx exhaust emission sensors, reduces particulates by as much as 45% and verifiably improves emissions, all of which are important benefits for drivers, vehicle operators and customers alike.

Automatic regulation vastly simplifies use
bioltec® is fully automatic. Diagnostic functions continuously check the system in the background for all operating parameters such as filter status and tightness, venting and fuel mixing. These functions unburden the driver and prevent operating errors.

Engine warranty and broad acceptance amongmanufacturers

Manufacturers also rely on bioltec®; extensive development and sales partnerships have turned
bioltec® into the market?s most popular system among manufacturers. In some cases, the system can be installed ex works. bioltec® even offers an optional engine warranty package with the services provided under a manufacturer''''s warranty.

Fuel efficiency management optimizes investment payback without follow-up costs
Variable fuel management, load-dependent regulation, modular design - for vehicle operators, these
things mean ?optimum investment payback? below the line. bioltec® utilizes your fuels with the utmost efficiency and protects your investment to the fullest. No expensive additives, special-purpose filters or maintenance costs, but rather operational reliability and ultra-short payback periods without follow-up costs - this is what bioltec® means by maximum efficiency.

Greater efficiency for your fuel, greater profitability for you

Total efficiency. Maximum reliability. Full service. bioltec® provides the premium solution for using
alternative fuels.

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