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This agreement applies vis-à-vis all of the companies listed below;  in the following referred to as bioltec®.

By requesting and/or using  any information, services, hyperlinks, functions, applications, or programs from this website, the user agrees to comply with the following terms and conditions:

Not an Offer
The content of this web page is exclusively of informational character. Its sole purpose is to provide information to customers and interested third parties. Nothing on this web page constitutes a legal offer or is to be understood as purchasing recommendation.  The bioltec® companies do not enter into any legal obligation vis-à-vis the user or third parties by providing the information on this web page.
This web page may only be used for purposes of contacting the bioltec® companies to establish customer relationships respectively in matters of existing customer relationships or for informational purposes regarding specific individual products for in-company use.

The information and the public content found on this web page are non-binding. The bioltec® companies and 
their authorized representatives and  distribution partners attempt by all means reasonable and appropriate to provide  accurate and up-to-date  information on this web page. However, bioltec® cannot guarantee that the content, information, and/ or technical documents are free of mistakes. This web page is, in particular,  not
suitable to replace individual consultation
The bioltec® companies therefore are not responsible and accept no liability for damages of any kind, that is direct or indirect damages, defects or consequential damages caused by a defect, losses or expenses, resulting from erroneous and/or incomplete nformation of any kind, particularly in general information, content or technical documents. Cases of gross negligence or intent are exempted.
The burden of proof for gross negligence or intent rests on the user.
The bioltec® companies are also not liable  for damages of any kind, that is direct or indirect damages, defects or consequential damages caused by a defect, losses or expenses, resulting from the software or hardware employed or from viruses, worms and alike with the exception of cases of gross negligence or intent. The burden
of proof for gross negligence or intent rests on the user.

The bioltec® companies point out to the user, that at the current state of the technology data, privacy protection cannot be guaranteed for data transfers in public networks in particular the internet.  The user acknowledges that third parties might be able to hack security settings and control transferred data. 

Links / Availability
The bioltec® companies do not accept liability for hyperlinks to third party web pages or URLs and/or for the content of such linked web pages / URLs. bioltec is also not liable for permanent availability of hyperlinks or the functioning of hyperlinks to third party web pages or URLs. bioltec is not liable for constant/permanent availability of the web pages neither in their entirety nor for particular parts of them.   Further,  bioltec does not accept liability  for technical difficulties, server failures, malfunctioning or breakdown of telecommunication connections or suchlike problems that lead to the unavailability of the website, particular parts of it or to distortion of data.

The web page is accessible by the use of appropriate technical equipment at the user’s  own expense.

All of the information found on this web page, as well as the webpage itself are protected under copyright law. Copyright owner is either bioltec® GmbH or the natural person or legal entity indicated as source.
Any reproduction, rendering, duplication, or publication of information found on this website is not permitted.
The user obliges to indemnify all of the bioltec® companies and keep them free of claim from/ for any third party claims resulting from the use of the web page.

This website is controlled, operated, and administrated by bioltec® from Germany   The bioltec does not warrant and does not assume responsibility for compliance of the data protection declaration with legal standards outside of Germany.  If personal data is transferred to a bioltec® company with its registered officeoutside of Germany and different data privacy laws apply for this bioltec® company, the respective data privacy laws will be followed.  When using this web page outside of Germany the user is responsible to comply with all local laws.  The data privacy protection statement and its application are governed by German law without recourse to its Private International Law. The place of jurisdiction shall be the court with subject matter jurisdiction for Regensburg, Germany.  

Should a provision of this agreement derogate from mandatory law or be invalid, this does not cause the entire agreement to be void. The remainder of the agreement will not be affected. The infringing provision is replaced by a valid provision which is as close as possible to the meaning and economic consideration of the original provision.

As of: May 2007


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